I really need to hire someone :)

Okay, seriously – I should be able to get some good shots of my kids… right??  I spent almost an hour trying and HA, do you think I could get anything?  Here’s a couple of the silly ones. 

First Abby and I went out to the park and mostly she just kept dancing around like a nutball…..most all of her photos are her dancing or running out of view.  Hey she’s 3, she can’t stay in one spot for too long!


Then in this photo you will see her pet Bird – Jolly.  It’s actually a christmas decoration that she has been taking everywhere, clipped on her sleeve for the past week. 


Back home we went to take a few of her and Maiya.  This shot was taken when my Mom told Abs that if she didn’t sit still she would get a rock in her Stocking from Santa.  Well at least Maiya thought it was funny!


Here’s one of Maiya.  Her feet were a bit blurry as she has a problem sitting still too – ha ha.  LOVE MY GIRLS 🙂



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