Our Baby Girl is 1!

Is our baby actually one?  Now is the time when I think is this really our last baby?  I thought so…..hmmmm?  We haven’t had her official party yet since it’s been so busy this summer, she’ll forgive us right?  On her actual birth DAY last week we sang and let her have a HUGE cupcake. She had such a serious face and was filling her little cheeks as fast as she could.  I think she liked it, ha ha!

IMG_6496 copy




















IMG_6540 copy













IMG_6549 copy














IMG_6561 copy













The week of Maiya’s birthday we were at a Wedding in Spokane where her big Sissa Abby was the Flower girl, here is a picture of the girls and Mike and I at the Wedding Reception.

IMG_6041 copy




















IMG_5995 copy

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  1. Wow, Lynell. These are awesome. I can’t believe how big Maiya is getting. The third picture looks SO much like Abs to me. Hope to see you guys soon. Your comments about Avery’s pictures made me cry 🙂 It does go fast. We’re so lucky to know you and so blessed by your talent 🙂 xoxo!


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