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Chickarooz Couture

Hair accessories add such fun detail to a shoot…Abby is loving her new stuff from Chickarooz Couture!!  Check out their site before your next session with us!!


Happy Birthday Maddie!!

You are an amazingly beautiful young lady – so smart, sweet, considerate, loving, gentle..beautiful on the inside and out.  I love you Maddie Jean – Happy 12th Birthday!!!

Life is good…

As you can tell it’s been forever since my last post, i’m working on a new Website and Blog and my plan was to save my new jobs for the new site.  However reality has set in..almost 6 months later life with 2 small kids, an amazingly busy photography business and a super busy social/activities schedule has filled my time.  Later this month is when I hope to have my new Blog up so for now, i’ll post a few things here to let you all know that I still have a business, lol.  All the jobs from the past 6 months will be blogged later, just because I love to share photos of my awesome customers.  Also to all of my customers, please know how very much I appreciate you and thank you for supporting me and my dreams.

Tayven is 5!

Tayven’s Mom and I laughed ALOT during his session.  Tayven and my daughter have gone to preschool together for 2yrs, he’s been a pretty quiet little guy until the last couple of months, lol.  It was awesome to see how hilarious he is becoming.  Maybe not so funny for Mom 🙂  He was on fire this day..So silly and making the BEST faces, we had great weather and found some cool spots – great day!

Gavin and Brietta

It’s been so neat watching these little cuties grow up.  I have to tell you that Miss Brietta was one little girl who had me running last year while taking her photos. I was in shock this year when she just struck one pose after the other and was a dream to photograph.   She went from the toughest toddler to catch to the easiest, it was so bizarre!  Gavin has always been great just as long as I have Candy;) This time I chose my treat a bit better, last time it was a sucker and it was in 1/2 of my shots..lesson learned!   I had so many photos I loved from this session it was tough to narrow it down.

Maddy, Aiden & Sophia

I had the pleasure of taking photos of these little cuties at Vanwingerden Gardens  It was so amazing to see that many Poinsettias in one area, the colors were sooooo beautiful.  We managed to get some decent shots even with the little ones excitement.  They were more interested in playing than picture taking which is the norm at the 2 and 4yr ages.

Christmas Photos of the Girls

This Holiday Season was so incredibly busy with photography that I almost ran out of time to photograph own children, aaaahhhh!  So finally on Dec 21 I did a quick session in our home.  We included my husband’s nieces as well to make his parents a photo gift for Christmas of all the girls (4granddaughters).  Our two girls are the little stinkers on the left on this top picture.