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Mother/Daughter session…so sweet!

Mother/Daughter session…so sweet!

Miss A. is off to college this year so her Mom decided to have a fun little photo shoot before she leaves.  These two are a crack-up….I’ve known Amber for a while and just love her…after meeting her Mom, I now see where she gets her spunk and silliness.

Below is the result of me asking for a more serious look.  It was impossible, they couldn’t help themselves, lol.

Cowden Family

Cowden Family

We were so thankful to see the Sun for this Family Session.  We tried for photos late last year, but Mother Nature forced us to reschedule.  Finally this Spring I had the pleasure to meet Brent and Lynzi with their adorable daughters!!  I just had to post the last photo for fun..It takes work to get a family shot.  If you ever have a session with me, please remember i’m a Mom too and Family Photographer…kids staying in one spot for a group shot???   That’s FUNNY!    Thank you Brent and Lynzi for being so much fun, people like you are the reason photography is so enjoyable!!

Rodriguez Family

Like i’ve said so many times before…I am SO blessed!  Hanging out with all of these fun families and doing what I love, it doesn’t get much better than that.  The Rodriguez family was so much fun and easy to photograph.  There were so many great shots with true smiles and funny moments – here are are a few of my favorites..

Allison Family

I really LOVE these guys!  Just over 3yrs ago I took photos of Ms. Avery in her Mommy’s tummy, since then i’ve had the great pleasure of photographing her as she grows.  There’s something amazing about this little one, I always look forward to seeing them!  This session was for the two Brothers and their families for Christmas, little Colton is just adorable too.  I love my job, especially when I get to hang out with an awesome family like this one!

Chamberlin Family

This shoot was really fun besides the fact that it was FREEZING COLD and windy outside 🙂  I was so proud at how well this family did running around in a rush to get the photos done.  The 3 boys are so adorable and I just loved the clothing choices – it looked great with the brick, etc.  Very sweet Family!  Here are a few of my favorites from our session…..

Sturtz Family

Beautiful day and family!  Little Tayven did such a good job and so did Mr. Ian the dog 🙂  I loved the bright light we had and the nice Red Sweater on Tayven.  Red clothing looks so great in photos.  Here are a few of my favorites from the session…






















































Lang Family

Here is another amazing, sweet family.  I met the Langs 2years ago to take their family photos and had the pleasure to see them again this year.  The girls are s0 adorable, how could you ever say no to those sweet smiles and big beautiful eyes? I was so glad they agreed to come to one of my favorite spots. I just love this old house in Blaine, it has so much color and character.  They also did such a great job coordinating their outfits which I completely love, it really makes the photosLang Blog3.  Here are a few of my favorites…


















Lang Blog2



















Lang Blog4



















Lang Blog1

Wisbey Family

Well these could be my future in-laws, lol.  My daughter Abby has called Nolan her boyfriend all last year in Preschool and now this year again.  I guess it’s good that I love his parents 🙂  He is the “Nolinator” and Abs is “Abbytude”   This was the craziest day for weather, it was bright sun so we needed to find shady spots but then the wind was out of control, so we had to hide from that too.  We ended up going in to the barn which actually had some nice light in it.  The boys are too cute, they crack me up!

Wisbey Blog2




















Wisbey Blog3






























Wisbey Blog5












Wisbey Blog4











Wisbey Blog1

Holen Boys

Scott is a friend of mine and I have been trying to convince him to take photos with is Son for years 🙂  They are very close and I really enjoy watching their relationship grow – Great Dad, Great Kid!  Nick is now a JR in High School and has almost outgrown his Dad.  Scott is pretty tall and it cracks me up that Nick is almost taller than him.  Here are a few of my favorites..

Scott Blog3




















Scott Blog4




















Scott Blog2




















Scott Blog1





















Mark Family

What I love about this job is the relationships I build with my customers.  Kristie is such a sweetheart and I love talking with her, sometimes for too long  My 1yr old was eating all of her Fall decorations while we were talking away on the day I delivered the photos, lol.  Sorry Kristie 🙂 This is my second time photographing this amazing family and as usual it was a nice, fun afternoon.  They are an adorable family! Mark 04





















Mark 05




















Mark 01





















Mark 02