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Mother/Daughter session…so sweet!

Mother/Daughter session…so sweet!

Miss A. is off to college this year so her Mom decided to have a fun little photo shoot before she leaves.  These two are a crack-up….I’ve known Amber for a while and just love her…after meeting her Mom, I now see where she gets her spunk and silliness.

Below is the result of me asking for a more serious look.  It was impossible, they couldn’t help themselves, lol.

On a Rainy Day in May….

Yes, I know..I know..I am a BAD Blogger 😦   I guess it’s time to get some new stuff up here!

Here’s  a photo of my sweetheart Niece Curran before her Prom last week…


I love getting to meet so many neat people through photography.  This H.S. Senior was such a pleasure to photograph and to visit with for the afternoon.  Having 2 young daughters while meeting girls like Cassidy and so many other Seniors gives me hope to have nice teenagers, lol.  Thank you for braving the super cold day Cassidy and for hiking in the muddy field, you’re a sweetheart!


Beautiful Girl…Senior year!!  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Kenzie since she was in Middle School 🙂  One of my first few Weddings was her sisters where we met.  A couple years ago I went to take photos of the Blaine H.S. Cheerleaders, saw her and freaked out, lol.  She was in High School, all I thought was WOW how did that happen SO fast???  Well here she is now all grown up and sweet as can be!!  Thank you for allowing me to take your Senior Photos Kenzie, it’s always fun to see you!





Another amazing 2010 Senior.  Lexi was so easy to photograph, she has that sweet natural smile that just lights up her eyes.  I really enjoyed the time we spent in Fairhaven running around taking photos.  Thanks again Lexi and best of luck to you this year!!!

Tina – Senior 2010

I love these photos!!  Tina is such a natural beauty with an amazing personality to match. This was another FREEZING cold day in November and Tina did awesome, I felt bad as I was all bundled up in my thermal gear while she froze, poor thing 🙂  Thank you for braving the cold Tina and I hope you love your photos as much as I do!!!


It was so much fun to meet Ashley.  Her Mom and I went to H.S. together so it was so crazy to see them together and see how much they look alike.  We had a really nice day for weather which was awesome.  Ashley looked so pretty, I loved her Blue Coat it looks great it her pictures.  There were so many favorites – here are a few….
































































Taylor, his Dad and I found some really cool spots in Ferndale to take Taylor’s Senior Photos.  It helped too that Taylor was like Spiderman and was able to climb up to some really cool spots!  He was a natural in front of the camera – thanks so much Taylor!!  Here are a few of my favorites…T4





























































Cortney Senior 2010

So from past experience i’ve learned that most guys just don’t like their photos taken- well unless they are little guys under 10 ha ha.  Cortney was so sweet he knew that having these photos was really important to his Mom, so he did an awesome job and put up with me for an hour 🙂  Thanks Cortney!!  Here are some of my favorites from the session….C2





























































Katie – Senior 2010

Katie was a great sport driving all over the place with me to find some neat spots for her Senior Photos.  She was a natural in front of the camera which was great!  I have so many favorites from this session, here are a few…